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Hours: Mon- Sat 8:00am to 4:30pm

What We Take

You Can Return Almost Anything!

Televisions, Monitors, Calculators, Computer Equipment & Peripherals, Home & Car Stereo System, Speakers, Alarm Clocks, Laptops, VCR’s, DVD Players, Cameras, Video Equipment, Telephones, Cash Registers, Photocopiers, Gaming Systems, Typewriters, Cables, Cords, Remotes, Headphones, Portable Radios, Satellite Dishes.

Tubes, CFL’s, Bulbs, Lighting Fixtures (all types), Ballasts, Flashlights.

VHS, DVD, CD, Cassette, Floppy Disks, Record Albums, Video Game Cartridges, Ink & Toner Cartridges.

$$We Pay For$$
Copper Pipe, Brass, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Automotive Batteries, Radiators, Electrical Wiring, Xmas Lights,Catalytic Converters

Scrap Metals**
Tin&Steel, Lawnmowers, Barbeques, Car Parts, Bicycles, Metal Furniture & Shelving, Hand Tools, Garden Tools, Nuts, Bolts, Nails

Medical Equipment
Hearing Aids, Stethoscopes, Microscopes, Breast Pumps, Blood Pressure monitors, Thermometers.

Musical Instruments
Electric Guitars, Amps, Electirc Pianos & Organs, Bass instruments, Electronic Drums, Mixers, Karaoke Machines, Juke Boxes.

Small Appliances
Hair Dryers, Kitchen Countertop, Microwaves, Vacuum Cleaners, Ceiling Fans, Heaters, Irons, Electric Fans, Weight Scales, Lamps, Sewing Machines, Shavers, Clocks, Paper Shredders, Power Tools & Battery Packs, Weed Eaters, Battery Chargers, Space Heaters.

Large Appliances**
Stoves, Furnaces, Dishwashers, Range Hoods, Washing Machines, Hot Water Tanks, Dryers, Exercise Equipment, Wood Stoves, Barbeques, Refrigerators, Freezers, Air Conditioners.

Other Recyclables
Batteries & Cell Phones, Office Paper, Newspapers/Flyers, Flattened Cardboard, Books & Magazines, Film Plastic, Acrylic, Styrofoam, Smoke/CODetectors, Mercury Containing Thermostats, Glass Containers, Milk Jugs.

Please do not bring Paint Cans, Liquids of any kind, Wood, Drywall, Refundable’s, or furniture that is less than 80% Metal.
**Depending on market conditions, there may be a small charge for dropping this material off**

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